I wrote about this wonderful new house that recently was built and my involvement with choosing paint colors. (See blog “A New House” May 20, 2014). The color for the entrance hall and hallways throughout the house was Sherwin Williams 0036 Buckram Binding.

The house has a back entrance that leads to a mud room and back staircase. The mud room leads to the kitchen. We wanted to have a little fun with this back entrance and decided to use an accent color on one wall. Since you would see this color from the kitchen (eating and family area) it was important to choose a color that looked great from the kitchen looking out to the mud room and would also compliment the hall color.

The kitchen color is Sherwin Williams 7694 Dromedary Camel a warm intense golden beige. There is a hassock in the room that has a turquoise element and the client was going to use that color for more accents in the room. The floor in the mud room is slate with various shades of gold and gray. We chose Sherwin Williams 7612 Mountain Stream as the accent color. Both these colors, the gold of the kitchen and the turquoise of the accent wall look wonderful with the rest of the hall.

Teal Gray Accent Color in Gold Beige Hallway

Teal Gray Accent Color in Mud Room with Gold Beige Hallway