Paint it Black

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I really like the idea of using black or almost black as a wall accent color. I have used it in my home and absolutely love it. Here is a photo of my bedroom with one wall painted black. The wall is actually glazed and there is a fine texture on the wall. But because it is subtle it is hard to see in the photo. The bed looks like it is floating because of the black bed skirt and the black ground carpet. The room is dramatic and inviting. Black Glaze [...]

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A Guest Bedroom and Bath

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This lovely new 4 bedroom house had one of the bedrooms designated as a guest bedroom. It was across the hall from a bathroom that was shared with the two other children's bedrooms. In other words the bath would be used by children as well as adults who would be the guests. The clients did not want to create a bath designed for children that looked juvenile but wanted something more sophisticated that would be appropriate for guests as well as their children as they grew older. The furniture in the guest [...]

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Painting and Decorating Two Boys’ Bedrooms

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Both brothers were under age 6 and the mother wanted the rooms to be decorated in a way that could grow with the children. In other words, nothing too juvenile. Both rooms were quite large and we could use color in an interesting and fun way to highlight the size of the rooms and/or accent a wall. For the older boy we chose a warm neutral beige for three of the walls. This beige was picked up by the carpeting chosen for the floor. On one wall we chose a navy blue [...]

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A Color Palette For A New House (Part III)

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We are now going upstairs to the second floor of the new house where we find the bedrooms, more baths and a home office. As you may recall, this house was being painted before furniture and fabrics were chosen so the palette had to be neutral. The only colors we had to work with were floors and carpeting. The master bedroom suite had a light beige, off white, carpeting and we chose Benjamin Moore 990 Hampshire Taupe for the walls. We also chose window shades in a similar tone. This color has [...]

Choosing a Color to Compliment Bed Linens

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One room I recently consulted for was completely empty. It was to be a guest bedroom but there was no furniture in the room at that time. The client showed me some linens she had recently bought and thought she would use in the room. Blue Bedroom with Yellow Accents Working from those linens we chose the color for the room. The linens were a floral print of blues and yellows. We decided to choose a light blue that complimented the blues in the floral print and would give the [...]

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Painting with Red, Glazing with Red

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Now that’s a scary thought. Actually, painting a room red can be a wonderful way to bring warmth and drama to your home. The key word here is room not rooms. Too much of a good thing is too much. Here are some ideal places to paint with red.   Painted Red Glaze in Bathroom This master bathroom had a white marble floor with small black diamond shaped tiles. No other color was used in the room. We had a blank canvas and could choose any color. The owner had [...]

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