Clients asked me to help choose new carpeting for their stairway and upper hall. The staircase was part of a center hall entrance with living room and dining room on either side. The entrance hall floor has a dynamic geometric pattern of granite squares and rectangles of various sizes and colors. Included in this design was a black 2” stripe that ran throughout the floor.

Using the black stripe as a jumping off point, we chose a beige wool carpet that has black threads running through it in a small grid pattern. It is a classic quality carpet that is sturdy and looked good with the beiges in the floor. However, I felt it needed a dramatic punch to highlight the granite and make the area special. We ordered the carpet with a 2” black border sewn on either side of the runner. On the upper level there would be no border. The area would be wall to wall carpeting made up of the classic wool pattern.

This addition of the black border enhanced the entrance hall look. It adds drama and appears to be part of the original design. It is bold and classic at the same time. The clients are thrilled and the space looks great.

Bordered Carpet on Staircase