What does a color consultant do? The short answer is a color consultant helps choose colors and create a color scheme that will compliment your home or business.

Here’s the longer answer. Color is the first element one sees or notices when entering a space. Choosing the right color is not easy and most people agonize over what to choose. And with the number of paint colors increasing daily that task can be overwhelming. A color consultant takes the guesswork and frustration out of  choosing the right colors for your environment.

The first thing to consider is whether the existing furnishings are staying or being replaced. Is this new construction, remodeling, or just a new coat of paint to freshen things up? A color consultant knows the questions to ask to determine what the client’s needs are. More important  a color consultant listens to the client to learn what they want and need from the expert.

A color consultant will work with clients on small or large projects. Whether it is one room or a whole house, an office, or building, interior or exterior, a color consultant can help unify the elements and make color transitions smooth and flowing.

A color consultant will take lighting into consideration as well. Natural or artificial light, daylight or night time, florescent or LED, all the many possibilities change the way a color looks in a space. A color consultant knows how light works, which colors absorb and which reflect light. That makes choosing the right shade of a color easy, from a maybe to a yes.

We all know that advertising uses color psychology to get people to use certain products. A color consultant understands this and can help choose the right color for a clients needs to harmonious effect.

Color Consultants use larger color samples to show clients colors. It is virtually impossible to see tiny one inch color swatches that one gets from the paint store and know what the color will look like on the wall. Larger samples make that task much easier. Consultants will furnish the client with large samples so that they can shop with them and make other decorative decisions based on the samples.

Color consultation is a collaborative activity. Both the client and consultant have to work together to achieve the right color scheme. The client has to feel confident in the expertise and trust the consultant and the consultant has to understand the goals and desires of the client. Together the work can be stimulating and fun.