How to Choose, Frame, and Hang Art

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How to choose, frame, and hang art in your home? I was called to do just that with new clients. They had just moved residences, had done quite a bit of decorating, and wanted to give the finishing touches to make the house a home. As an artist I have had much experience choosing, framing, and hanging art and I was thrilled to work on this assignment. We started with the dining room which was decorated with a neutral palette. We first looked at the art the couple owned to see what [...]

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Long Distance Color Consulting (Part I)

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A client called me to help choose colors for a house they were building in the Adirondacks. It was too far to travel and we decided to do what I call, "long distance color consulting". That is we chose colors not on the actual site. It's a challenge because colors change in different lighting and all the things the client chose like tiles, bathroom fixtures, kitchen cabinets, etc. were things I would see only in pictures. She did have a few actual samples of tile for me to see which was very [...]

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What Does A Color Consultant Do?

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What does a color consultant do? The short answer is a color consultant helps choose colors and create a color scheme that will compliment your home or business. Here's the longer answer. Color is the first element one sees or notices when entering a space. Choosing the right color is not easy and most people agonize over what to choose. And with the number of paint colors increasing daily that task can be overwhelming. A color consultant takes the guesswork and frustration out of  choosing the right colors for your environment. The first thing to [...]

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