For some people using dark colors is a very scary thought. Most people choose the “safe” way and paint the house Linen White. But I’m not only talking about choosing a color, I’m talking about choosing a dark color. When and why should you do it?

A dark painted room can be dramatic and exciting. However, the room should be thoughtfully planned out. You don’t want it to look like a dungeon. If the walls are dark, the woodwork and moldings should be light. That will make the wall color pop.

Black and White Bedroom

Black Glaze on One Wall in Master Bedroom

In the bedroom above, one wall is painted black. The carpet and headboard are also black. The three remaining walls and woodwork are painted Navaho White by Benjamin Moore. This gives the room colors lots of contrast. That with the cream colored linens and drapes make a dramatic statement. The bed seems to float in the air.

Gray and White Bedroom

Deep Gray Walls for Bedroom

In another bedroom painting the walls dark grey, makes the white bed linens and white furniture stand out. The color adds sophistication to this simple guest room designed by Anita Kinstlinger (

It takes a bit of daring to choose dark walls but the results can be exciting and give the room pizazz.