Solid Stain for Exterior of House

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Solid Stain for Exterior of House


Neutral Taupe Color for House

Painting Taupe on Exterior of House

The house was natural Cedar shingles that had discolored and stained over many years. The question was how to treat it and prepare it for painting or staining. The most important part of any paint job, interrior or exterior, is preperation. Unless the surface is cleaned properly, no paint or stain will adhere well and look good over time.

This house was so discolored and uneven the painter had to basically hand scrub the entire house. The reason it looks so good today is because of the time and effort put in to prepare the surface correctly.

The client had seen a painted house in the neighborhood that she particularly loved. We went to see it together and I matched the color. We decided on using a solid stain on the cedar instead of paint and had it custom colored. We used Cabot stain. The color was tweaked a bit to look perfect for this house and go with the roofing. The client is so pleased with the new look of her house.

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