Choosing Colors for the Exterior of Your House: The Process

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Choosing Colors for the Exterior of Your House: The Process

Recently I had a client call me with a request to help choose a color for the siding of a new house they we building. The contractor had recommended they use a fiber cement product. There were two companies he suggested. The color palette for the type of siding my client wanted was limited to about 30 c0lors.

Even before we could choose this one color I had many questions about the new house and asked to see the architectural elevations. It is essential to have a good idea of what the entire house will look like including siding, roofing, windows, front, side, and garage doors, stone or brick trim, and shutters before attempting to choose just one color for siding. One element is contingent on the next and down the line. So we had to think about the whole exterior not just the siding.

We started with the windows. The client was sure about having white windows. However, she was also adamant that the doors should not be white. She was especially afraid of dirt showing on the garage door from rain spatter and the like.

Looking at the color samples of the fiber cement online we narrowed the colors down to 4 samples from one company and three from the other. I ordered actual samples of the product so we could get a better idea of what we were looking at. The client was drawn to deep greys or deep blue greys.

From the elevation drawings I saw that there would be stone along the foundations and around the front door. Stone usually has warm tones in it and although the stone hadn’t been chosen yet, I felt the deep grey the client preferred would look beautiful and be a great contrast to the stone.

Once the stone was chosen we could pick up a warm wood tone for the front, side, and garage doors.

Lastly, a black or almost black roof would complete and compliment the exterior.

Here’s the final outcome.

Blue and White House

Blue Siding with White Trim Exterior

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