Using a Color to Make a Huge Space Inviting

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The house had an open plan with rooms adjoining one another.  It was important to keep that nice open flow.  The living room was a huge space with a large stone fireplace as the focal point. The room was painted white with the fireplace wall painted a putty color. It was cold and uninviting. The clients had not chosen furniture yet. We needed to choose neutral colors that would look good with whatever furniture they chose. We discussed what their preferences were, so that I would have an idea of what direction [...]

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A Different Color For A Front Door

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Continuing the topic of exterior colors, a client recently wanted to do something a little different with their front door. The house was grey with white trim. The door was also painted white. They wanted to make the door different but not garish. Purple Door on Gray House We chose Benjamin Moore 1414 Super Nova which is a dark purple/grey. It is a very deep, rich, and muted color that harmonizes beautifully with the grey shingles. Choosing a color for your front door that is a little off the beaten [...]

A Different Color For Every Room

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I had a client recently who loves color and is not afraid to use it. She wanted to have every room painted a different color. The question was how to make that work and look great, not just for each room but for the look and flow of the whole house.  […]

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Red Dining Room

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  Dark Red Walls in Dining Room Sounds bold and daring, doesn’t it? As the photograph testifies it is quite beautiful. We were choosing colors for the whole house.  Given the furnishings, we could get away with painting the entire downstairs shades of a warm beige or gold color. But the client was willing to try something different. The location of the dining room was the perfect place to add some color. We chose Benjamin Moore 2084-20 Maple Leaf Red, a warm terra cotta that was just perfect. The room [...]

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Painting with Red, Glazing with Red

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Now that’s a scary thought. Actually, painting a room red can be a wonderful way to bring warmth and drama to your home. The key word here is room not rooms. Too much of a good thing is too much. Here are some ideal places to paint with red.   Painted Red Glaze in Bathroom This master bathroom had a white marble floor with small black diamond shaped tiles. No other color was used in the room. We had a blank canvas and could choose any color. The owner had [...]

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Painting Bedrooms a Dark Color

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For some people using dark colors is a very scary thought. Most people choose the “safe” way and paint the house Linen White. But I’m not only talking about choosing a color, I’m talking about choosing a dark color. When and why should you do it? A dark painted room can be dramatic and exciting. However, the room should be thoughtfully planned out. You don’t want it to look like a dungeon. If the walls are dark, the woodwork and moldings should be light. That will make the wall color pop. [...]

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