Hanging Art in a New York City Apartment

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Clients recently called me to hang art in their New York City Apartment. They had quite a few pieces and didn't know where or how to begin. I came to the apartment to see what their collection was and to have a look at the layout of the apartment. This was a consultation to determine what was necessary for me to do and bring when I actually did the hanging. It also gave me a feel for what their art was and where we could hang it to display it at its best advantage. We also discussed reframing a [...]

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An Unusual Room

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I will call it the Map Room. Going up the main staircase to the bedrooms of a new house is a room at the top of the landing off the main hallway with two large window openings (no glass) that overlooks the staircase. The intention is to have a place on that floor where kids can play or the family gather. It is clearly not a bedroom because there is no door to close and it is open. The client installed a large map that covers one wall that you see as you enter. The [...]

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A New House

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This was new construction for a large formal Colonial style house. It had wide crown and floor molding throughout and wainscoting in the entrance hall and dining room. We wanted a unified, bright, crisp, clean look for all the molding throughout the house. We chose Sherwin Williams 7006 Extra White in a semi gloss finish. It is a soft white without any yellow tone. It looks great next to all the colors we chose for the rooms. Upon entering the main hall you saw a beautiful curved staircase. The clients wanted a warm inviting feeling when you came in. This [...]

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A Color Palette For A New House (Part II)

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In the last blog (Part I) of choosing a color palette for a new house I showed all the colors we used and how the palette was made up of soft and neutral colors that worked together and created a nice harmony. I also talked about the kitchen, living room, dining area, and hall that were all open to each other. We, therefore, chose colors that flowed from room to room in a soft gold color. The entrance hall in the front of the house, the staircase to the upstairs, and the [...]

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A Very Versatile Color

By |2018-12-19T17:26:51-05:00November 22nd, 2013|Case Studies, Hallways, Light Colors, Neutral Palette|

I recently was called by a client who wanted to paint her entrance hall, stairway, and upper hall. It was a center hall Colonial house that didn't get much natural light. On either side at the entrance were the living and dining rooms. It had been painted years before in an off white yellowish color that was not very inviting and looked blah. The living room had a subtle wallpaper on the walls in a pale pale green color. The dining room was a deep gold color. The carpeting on the stairs [...]

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Moving to a New House, Choosing Colors

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A client called needing help choosing colors for a house they were moving into. They were doing some renovation and keeping some furniture from a previous home but basically we had a clean slate to work with. The client wanted a neutral palette. The house was a side hall Colonial with large rooms and a nice flow from one to the other. Once we chose a color we would use it throughout the space with subtle changes here and there. The upstairs bedrooms, however, would have different colors suited to the needs [...]

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