Over the years I have had clients who have asked me to help them hang art, family photos and awards in their homes. As an artist I have had much experience hanging art shows in galleries and museum spaces. In addition to the regular color consulting I do, I enjoy these projects immensely.

Recently a client who I helped with a color consult showed me many small sculptures and momentos she had accumulated on her travels over years. She wanted to display them but didn’t know how to or where. There was a coroner in her living room that was an ideal place to hang shelves for this purpose.

Since the “tchotchkes” were small, I felt that we should use glass shelving and that they should only be 5 inches deep.  I would find brackets that would almost disappear. The aim was to display the art and not call attention to the shelves or hanging system. The result is quite striking. My client can change the display whenever she wants. She has gotten so much positive feedback from people who visit.

Displaying Art Pieces on Glass Shelves

Arrangement of Art on Glass Display

Another client raises champion dogs and had won many prizes in dog shows. In addition, over the years she has collected dog art, and photos of her champions. She asked me to sort through and hang her collection in her den. This was quite challenging because the art was all sizes, different mediums, and a variety of frames. I enjoyed mixing all these elements together to create a cohesive and interesting wall arrangement. She is thrilled to have her prize dogs surround her in this way.

wall arrangement