New Construction: Choosing Colors for the Exterior

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New Construction: Choosing Colors for the Exterior

Blue and White House

Blue Siding with White Trim Exterior

This brand new house was under construction when the client called me to choose colors for the exterior. It was a corner property and the house would be seen from the front and side. It is in a neighborhood with lots of charming older houses. The couple knew they did not want the typical taupe/beige color scheme. They wanted something a little different that would stand out from the rest but look inviting and classic

There was a lot of wood trim on the house and we decided that would be white. Choosing a deep color for the siding would create a strong contrast with the white and give it a clean crisp look. We decided on a dark blue. The builder gave us several choices for siding and we picked CertainTeed Pacific Blue.

The architectural plans called for stone around the front, side, and garage door as well as the foundation. We chose a natural stone of various colors and sizes. Choosing the right stone that had a lot of warm tones in the basic grey of natural stone was important. The blue of the house is a cool color and the stone was chosen to give warmth to the color palette.

Blue and White House

Front Door Wood and Stone

We also chose doors that were a warm medium brown. This also added warmth and contrast to the blue house.

And, lastly we chose a black roof from Timberline (Charcoal) that unifies and pulls all the colors and materials together to create a lovely harmony. The house is new but set in this older neighborhood it fits right in. The color scheme gives it distinction and with the traditional architectural design it works perfectly.



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  1. Neil April 1, 2014 at 3:00 pm

    What siding is that? CertainTeed Vinyl or Planks? How many inches are the sheets?

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