Hanging Art Arrangements

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Recently more and more of my clients have been asking me to hang art arrangements on their walls. Most have moved into new houses and don't know where to begin. They've accumulated lots of art over the years and need helping sorting through the art to decide what to keep and where to hang it. I've hung many art exhibitions over the years in galleries and museums and I feel comfortable doing this work. Usually you need another person to help  hold and hang the art, especially if there are large artworks. [...]

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What Does A Color Consultant Do?

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What does a color consultant do? The short answer is a color consultant helps choose colors and create a color scheme that will compliment your home or business. Here's the longer answer. Color is the first element one sees or notices when entering a space. Choosing the right color is not easy and most people agonize over what to choose. And with the number of paint colors increasing daily that task can be overwhelming. A color consultant takes the guesswork and frustration out of  choosing the right colors for your environment. The first thing to [...]

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Paint it Black

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I really like the idea of using black or almost black as a wall accent color. I have used it in my home and absolutely love it. Here is a photo of my bedroom with one wall painted black. The wall is actually glazed and there is a fine texture on the wall. But because it is subtle it is hard to see in the photo. The bed looks like it is floating because of the black bed skirt and the black ground carpet. The room is dramatic and inviting. Black Glaze [...]

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Soft and Lovely Color Palettes

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I was recently sent a 2014 special issue by Sherwin Williams about their paint and colors. Included in this brochure were several color palettes. Two of them stuck me as not only beautiful but usable in many home or business situations. Although some of the palettes were bright and colorful I could not imagine using them in most homes. I believe that most people want soft soothing colors on their walls to function as a background rather than shout out "look at me". I have found that most of my clients want to come into their homes and feel [...]

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